Real masterpieces - why is original jewelry so popular?

The trend of fast fashion is gradually receding into the past. People are less likely to buy clothes and accessories from the mass market, which will spoil and become obsolete in less than a year. On the contrary, things that exist in a single copy - with branded details, a well-known concept, made of natural materials - began to be in demand. Therefore, do not miss the chance to purchase original handmade jewelry and other creations from the authentic Ukrainian company "Yantar Polissya" and their online store - and our article will tell you what their advantages are.

Прикраси ручної роботи

Unique individuality

Each person has his own charm, character, tastes and inclinations - these are what make him a person. Therefore, you should not hide such traits by pretending to be someone else. And one of the ways to show your "I" is a personal image with carefully selected palette, styles, combinations. And the final touch will be accessories that fully match your mood and well-being. You can freely experiment with them, play with contrast, try new combinations of shades and shapes. Symbolic figurines of magical emblems, birds, animals and plants or elegant classic jewelry, a bright accent in a plain ensemble or an element that harmoniously fits into it, modest earrings or a large, noticeable ring - it's up to you to decide, guided by your desires and preferences.

However, it is not easy to find colorful and original little things - and then our brand comes to the rescue.

We make necklaces, brooches, pendants, bracelets, rings and much more from natural solar gems - which means that any item will be stylish, high-quality and unlike any other.

Ювелірні прикраси з бурштину

The extremely rich color of precious stones - their range extends from creamy white to saturated crimson, almost black - spectacular texture, a variety of configurations and innovative processing technologies (from firing in furnaces to applying special chemical compositions) guarantee that you will receive a truly relevant, attractive and creative accessory.

These creations are a treasure for a collector and a pearl in a fashionista's wardrobe. They have a unique energy, because the master, creating a masterpiece, sought to express some idea in it, to fill all parts of the structure with deep meaning. Touching the product, you will feel its soft warmth and positive aura, get rid of complexes, confusion and self-doubt, relax, find mental balance and feel more confident, feel the pleasure of sincere admiration of friends, acquaintances, colleagues.

Exclusive jewelry - properties and characteristics

Our products stand out among analogues:

  • Carefully thought-out appearance - it is designed both from the point of view of aesthetics and taking into account functionality, so that the thing is durable, comfortable, durable, does not interfere with movement and gestures, does not get scratched and does not deteriorate during operation;

  • The raw material of the premium class is the hardened resin of prehistoric Pinus succinifera pines, which grew on Earth about 100-30 million years ago. Now the resin, which has turned into wonderful jewels, is mined in the Rivne, Volyn and Zhytomyr regions, carefully selecting elite samples for the needs of skilled jewelers. And its perfection is framed by shining "sterling" silver 925, polished metal, waxed cord, deer antler;

  • Proven accessories - fasteners, fastenings, connecting links and bases, where beads are strung, withstand long-term loads without breaking or deforming;

  • Perfect control over all stages - from rough grinding and cutting of cabochons (rounded gems, which will then be inserted into the setting) to the finest fitting;

  • The maximum demonstration of the natural texture and tones of amber - the focus is on the magical iridescence of colors, inclusions that have frozen inside the precious stones, and in rare cases, inclusions - creatures that long ago got into a sticky trap and remained there forever;

  • The unique "handwriting" of the master who worked on the decoration: some of them strive for greater decorativeness, others - for high-tech, avant-garde, modern, "ethno" or "boho", so that you will easily find something that matches your outfits;

  • Reliable packaging in branded bags and boxes. And VIP souvenirs (statuettes, daggers, stationery sets) are generally provided with wooden boxes lined with velvet lining.

All this provides us with an impeccable reputation as a conscientious, honest, punctual and attentive manufacturer. A surprise for your loved ones or a nice gift for yourself - we will promptly find what you have always dreamed of!