An amber lamp is a work of art

In the Middle Ages, Europe distrusted amber, considering it a fragile and fragile material for making household items from it. They wanted to decorate things with them rather than make them. Only from the 17th century. Craftsmen began to try their hand at using it to make not only jewelry and women's accessories but also household items (figures, snuff boxes, smoking pipes, knives, combs). In 1791, Empress Maria Feodorovna personally made the first amber lamp from solid stone in combination with bronze and ivory. Now this decorative thing is stored in the Hermitage. Today, the exquisite legacy of amber craftsmanship continues to thrive, with a wide array of stunning amber creations available at Explore our collection of exquisite amber lamps, icons, and souvenirs, meticulously crafted to elevate your living space with timeless elegance and beauty.
Інкрустація бурштином
Today, you won't surprise anyone with a lamp. Table lamps or night lamps are items without which we cannot imagine our life. Decorated with pieces of sunstone, such specimens are even more valuable. And it's not just about finances. The value lies in the harmonious interior, the warm atmosphere created by the amber lamp. It fits into any style from classic to vintage, from Provence to fusion. Even minimalism in the interior will not be against the neighborhood with such an element of decor. Decorating the lamps with "tears of the sun" was not chosen by chance. Thanks to the ability of transparent stones to transmit rays, they will turn bright light into a soft, warm glow with a golden hue, which gives the whole room an indescribable coziness. Refined forms of lamps in the form of animals and insects can be interesting to children, so such an object can be placed in a children's room. Although such lamps do not necessarily have to decorate bedside tables in bedrooms. Products in a classic style, made according to the special technology of Tiffany stained glass windows with an original amber mosaic in combination with bronze or oak, are quite a solid accessory, to pair with an equally solid interior. A beautiful handmade lamp can become a worthy decoration of the office of a manager, whether a man or a woman.

Вироби з бурштину

Vip class amber products

Among us there are many well-to-do people who do not need anything and whom, practically, you cannot surprise with anything. Their houses are a full bowl, often decorated by professionals. And now you need to make a presentation to this solid person who "has everything". VIP class products can come to your aid here, among which you can find amber souvenirs, icons, lamps and table clocks. Amber lamps, caskets or writing sets will undoubtedly be an unusual and exclusive gift for a boss or partner. Such gifts, made by hand from the highest quality materials according to the author's sketches in a single copy, will pleasantly surprise and delight a person. They will find a worthy place in the house or office, where they will decorate the interior. You can choose such amber products from the offered assortment in the online store of souvenirs and gifts. Buying an amber lamp means making the right choice for those who care about showing a special attitude to the recipient of the gift.