Inspiring Innovation And Discovery - Creating The Future Of Vision Science

The Vision Sciences Group is a union of affiliated labs from multiple departments on the beautiful Homewood campus of Johns Hopkins University. Each lab maintains its own space within a home department in close proximity (often just down the hall) allowing graduate students and post docs to benefit from a collaborative atmosphere while pursuing interests within a focused lab. The resources of Johns Hopkins are unparalleled and our intellectual community is stimulating and expansive (e.g., did you know that Johns Hopkins University consistently receives more research funding dollars every year than MIT and Harvard University combined?1). Johns Hopkins is the place for top-notch scientific research and The Vision Sciences Group is pleased to be inspiring collaboration and innovation within this amazing community. Many rewriting services at also ensure that students' projects remain professional and contain factual information. Please come join in the excitement!

To see in-depth information on particular faculty members, click on a face and explore the links above.

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To apply for graduate school, apply through the home department for the lab you are most interested in. Note: it is always possible to do secondary projects that bridge across departments and across multiple faculty members; you should apply to the department and professor where your primary interest lies and list other faculty members of interest to you in the cover letter of your application.

1 e.g.,